November 2018 Newsletter

The year seems to be speeding up, November already, temperature rising, storms lighting up the night sky, schoolies around the corner.......

October 2018 Newsletter

October already? Isn’t time flying by this year, the school holidays have just finished and soon it will be time for the long break. And Christmas…..

September 2018 Newsletter

Spring has sprung, birds are nesting and all the natives are out in flower. For those of us

Agust 2018 Newsletter

One more month of winter! The rain has been great, but not sure about that wind!!! It’s certainly been pretty full on, but the grass is green and one of my favourite pastimes

July 2018 Newslewtter

Well it’s Plastic Free July and we are encouraging everyone to consider their use of plastics, especially single-use such as take-away coffee cups or containers, straws, water bottles and plastic bags. There seems to be a huge fuss in the eastern states currently with the big supermarkets phasing out their free single-use plastic shopping bags, with accusations of the stores profiteering from selling their 15 cent bags to comments of how unhygienic the fabric bags are.

June 2018 Newsletter

Doesn’t time fly, it’s time again for the next newsletter and sharing our news of what we’ve been doing, and what we have planned for the next few weeks. I’m not talking about weather this month, except to say bbbrrrrr, some of these mornings have been a bit chilly...

May 2018 Newsletter

After finally getting some desperately needed rain, it looks like winter is getting nearer as it’s getting colder ..

April 2018 Newsletter

Victor Harbor Coastcare, Coming Events, etc

March 2018 Newsletter

t’s been a very busy month for me here at the South Coast Environment Centre, with a number of school education sessions, an Encounter Bay and Beaches forum , Governance Committee and bandicoot meetings to attend.

February 2018 Newsletter

Clean Up Australia, School's back and Frog Monitoring

January 2018 Newsletter

Happy New Year everyone! Meet our committee, Hooded Plover update, upcoming events & more ..

December 2017 Newsletter

What are Environment or Natural Resource Centres? Sonic Sea Movie, Veggie Swap and more.

November 2017 Newsletter

Newland Head Conservatio Park, Hooded Plover update, recent and coming events.

Spring 2017 Newsletter

Veggie Market, new premises

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